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Wizard of Oz Theme for 2005

Well is settled, this year we are going with a Wizard of Oz theme. It was actually my wife's idea and I think it's pretty safe to go with it. I've watched the DVD movie like ten times on my computer to get some ideas, and have come up with some great ideas. The garage will be laid out in a U-Shape letting the kids walk in and experience "Oz" in a 24 x 20 space. First will be a tornado area, then onward to some animatronics. This year I bought a Douglas Fir tree and a Buck deer and hacked them. The Buck deer I got on sale at Menards for $80.00. That thing is SWEET. The best thing I like about it is the fact it has a wireless mic. I think I will let the kids use this to make my "hacked" Tin Man come to live by them talking into the mic. Also in front of the animatronics scene, will be a 1/2" floor drop, just enough to give’em a quick scare. Then onward to the pop-up trash can, and finally arriving at the "Oz" trick or treat table. This year I think I will dismount last years Car Prop and make it a table, so the table will retract away from them once the kids trigger the photoeye. I think I will also bring back the air jet in the candy dish that I had in 2003. That seemed to scare a bunch of kids in 2003. More pictures to come each weekend as Halloween approaches.


I worked on the drop floor which is done and actually works nice. All I need to do is cut out a floor for it out of 1/2" OSB and paint it black. I will probably add railing and a podium stand to hold my wireless mic for the Tin Man animatronics.

I finished up the Douglas Fir hack and mounted all the guts on to a board and covered it with a scare crow mask. This prop is now ready for some audio.

I started on the Buck deer hack, not much got done this weekend other than I got it out of the box, ripped the skin off and cut the nose of the deer off so I could test fit the Tin Man mask on the deer head skeleton.


I finished up the drop floor this weekend. It's ready for paint. I tested it one more time just to make sure it was going to work. My daughter tested it for me and only wanted to ride once. I think that means it's ready.

I finished up most of the Buck deer hack. Check out the pictures in the gallery under 2005 Halloween F/X. I thought it turned out nice. I need to finish up some hands and shoes, paint the base and record the voices on the computer for both Scare Crow and Tin Man.

I also started to convert my old Flying Crank Ghost. I bought a costume of Glenda Witch and dressed the FCG up. Turned out pretty nice. I also need to find some other hands for Glenda. I don't think those blue ugly looking ones count.



I got the Car Prop converted this weekend as planned. I also built and tested the hologram effect. I think this effect is going to look great. I just need to do some movie magic to record the DVD. I had help this weekend to do some painting. Most all the props got painted so now they look all lot better.


Not much planned as far as building. I need to do some soldered in my new 1 hour digital voice recorders that I planned on hacking so I can wire up the PLC to trigger the sound effects. I will also plan on setting up the stage. So both my cars will have to sit outside now.

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Welcome to PLC Halloween

Welcome to PLC Halloween.

This is the place where you can learn how I do the crazy things I do at Halloween time in my garage. Where do I live? I am in Huntington, Indiana.

Typically, I control all my Halloween F/X with a PLC. You can learn more about PLC's at

For the past three years I've been using an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC. All my Halloween projects are written in ladder logic. Very flexible and easy to dream up new haunts.

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